Productivity: Snow Day Style.

So in my neck of the woods, it snowed last night. Although I already had school, I and all of my friends am snowed in (I had an accident in the snow a few months back, so snow = no transportation for me). There are two things one can do when snowed in: 1) sleep and do nothing. 2) turn it into a chance to be productive! The first one is self explanatory. Five ways you can be productive on a snow day:

1) Sort things out. Go through folders and notebooks and your desk, and put everything in it’s right place, where it can be found. Doing this now instead of your stuff being unorganized when you sit down to work will save you a lot of time.

2) Catch up. If there’s a reading assignment or a paper you’re behind on, seize this opportunity to catch up on it. You’ll thank yourself later.

3) Study. Is there something in school you’re having trouble with? Take this time to do some work to get better at it!

4) EXERCISE!  Shoveling, and walking through the snow to a friend’s house who is nearby will give you a good workout. 🙂

5) Help Others. If there are people on your street who are older or can’t do it themselves, go shovel for them! It’s good exercise and it’s a very nice thing to do.

Have a good snow day, guys. Well, if it snowed wherever you are. 🙂

**note: I’d like to thank my good friend and neighbor Michelle for numbers 4 and 5.


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