SAT Hacks – Stop Worrying and Start Succeeding

So I’ve taken the SAT once in my life so far. It was the old SAT, and I was in eighth grade in the John’s Hopkins “Talent Search” thing. I sat among a group of nervous juniors, and I didn’t really care how I did on the test. Next Saturday, I’ll go and be one of those nervous juniors. The difference between me and most of my peers is, I’m not nervous. Sure, I know there’s a lot riding on how I do on this test. But being nervous does pretty much nothing to help your score. Here are my suggestions for taking the SAT to the best of your ability.

Take a Class – I took a class since January, and I think it really helped me. SAT classes don’t teach you facts, they teach you test-taking strategies that are extremely useful when it comes to taking the test. The class will also force you to do work to prepare, when you might have procrastinated on your own with it.

Get a Book – I have the one the Collegeboard made. It has a bunch of practice tests. If you sit and time yourself, you’ll have a pretty good idea of how you’ll do when it comes to testing day, and what you need to improve upon before the day comes.

The Night Before – My SAT teacher told us this: The night before the test, don’t review anything, and don’t hang out with friends who are going to take the test. Personally, I’m hanging out with my boyfriend who isn’t taking it the next day, because he is not one to talk nonstop about the SATs, and so he’ll help me to keep it off my mind.

The day of the test – have breakfast, bring number 2 pencils and a calculator, and one more thing no one told me but I learned when I took it in eighth grade – wear pants and a t-shirt, and bring a sweater of some sort. You never know what the temperature of the room you’ll be in is going to be. It could be freezing, or really hot. If you are uncomfortable, then you won’t be as focused.

For everyone taking their tests the same day as I am, good luck 🙂


One Response to “SAT Hacks – Stop Worrying and Start Succeeding”

  1. Dirk Says:

    I’m in high school too (senior). I took the SATs a few times, classless both times. I know the SAT is an important test especially if you’re trying to get into a top school, but I never understood the rationale for taking a class. Yes it could help you get a higher score, but it takes away from the validity of the test. It doesn’t teach you information that should have acquired throughout school to pass the test. It teaches you how to beat the test. In that sense, it doesn’t wind up measuring what it’s supposed to. The SAT tries to predict performance in college.

    But what if person A takes the test, scores a 2000, without a class. Person B takes the test, scores a 2000, with a class. Who is more prepared for college? While the SAT is necessarily that great of a predictor, person A is probably better prepared. But in the end, they look the same, whether that is fair or not.

    Anyways, I hope you did well on your test! Waiting for those scores can be kind of stressful, especially at 6AM the morning the scores are supposed to come out and you sit there refreshing over and over!

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