How to Recover from a Breakdown

I began writing a very nice post today about Toxic Friendships (a subject on which I am an expert), but it never got done. Sorry to whoever has been reading this. Today was a really tough day at school, and I came home wanting to shower, lay down in my bed, and not come out until tomorrow. So in light of my latest personal tragedy at school, here’s some tips that are short and to the point:

1. Get past it. Quick.  – occupy yourself, talk to a friend, stop thinking about what ever is stressing you out. Do something mindless like playing Guitar Hero or taking a walk.

2. If you have to cry, do it.  – I’m a pro at this. Don’t hold it in, go cry. Cry alone if that’s your style. Personally I call my mom from the backseat of my car crying, then call my boyfriend from the backseat of my car crying, and tell them both my tragic story and how life is unfair and I’m not getting into college. Everyone has a different coping method. But don’t hold in crying, it will make things worse later.

3. Fix it if you can, Forget it if you don’t. If it’s something like failing a test, just do better next time. Stressing about it will not get rid of the bad grade. But if it’s something like a misunderstanding with a friend, do what you can to fix it. Don’t be too persistent though. accept the things you can’t change.

I’ll finish that other post when I’m less groggy. Have a good day!

2 Responses to “How to Recover from a Breakdown”

  1. reid Says:

    Im a sophmore and just got a C+ on my physics lab report. Im usually a B+/A- student so this was a real shock to me when I got it. On top of that it was a group paper with my partner, and I wrote the whole thing since supposedly i was the better student, but now everyone doubts that. I have another due tommorow, but I really spent all my effort on the last one and dont know what to do to improve. Im really just pissed at the teacher right now and am not sure what to do. Im really not in the mood to spend tonight working on a paper that I could easily get another C+ on for reasons i dont even know.

  2. kaitlinmarie Says:

    My advice for you would be to see the teacher, and talk to him/her about your partner. You shouldn’t have to carry all the work yourself. You should also ask your teacher if you can go over the lab report together so that you can see where you went wrong, and fix it for next time. I completely understand what you’re going through, as I was an A/B+ student until this year in spanish. Getting extra help really helps you when you’re struggling. I’m in physics, and I know it can be hard. I wish you the best of luck 🙂

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